Can You Upload Your Mind & Live Forever?
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The desire to be free from the limits of the human experience is as old as our first stories. We exist in an endless universe, only bound by the laws of physics and yet, our consciousness is trapped in mortal machines made of meat. With the breathtaking explosion of innovation and progress, for the first time the concept of leaving our flesh piles behind and uploading our minds into a digital utopia seems possible. Even like the logical next step on our evolutionary ladder.

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    • G

      Humans may also simulate being superheroes with any superpower that we always wanted from childhood, for example. We can live inside our favorite movies, TV series, novels, etc. I am pretty excited for the future generations that will experience this, too bad we probably won't.

    • bruh


    • spicy water
      spicy water

      The only probolem you would have is that even if you could copie your conscience to another it would not be you, you would have to move the conscience in order to be yourself

    • Cam

      Please do an episode on Nanotechnology

    • lightspeed bubble
      lightspeed bubble

      Sorry Kurzgesagt but living an eternity in a digital utopia is wrong and here's why: There will always be billions, quadrillions or sextillions of planets within our hubble sphere where life is having a very bad time (possibly much worse than here) and they could use our help. Every civilization capable of helping others can contribute to raising the average quality of life in the entire universe, even if said universe is infinite, provided everyone participates in their own region of space. Living a selfish super-happy eternal life will only be an option when space has expanded enough so everyone is out of everyone else's reach. So let's ride our stellar engine as fast as possible through our galaxy and have this eternal utopia discussion in a few trillion years when we spend the rest of our existence harvesting Milkdromeda's black hole's angular momentum with mirrors.

  • Riren

    if it actually comes true hacking will go on another level

  • Stefan Filipov
    Stefan Filipov

    Living forever seems like a nightmare.

  • cikheca ritukku
    cikheca ritukku

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  • David Jarrah
    David Jarrah

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  • chaincat33

    The problem with simulating the mind is the brain isn't a computer. Memories, behaviors, your personality, it's not written down in your brain. The structure of your brain, the exact way your synapses connect, it doesn't matter. The brain works off patterns. We could simulate that, but only so far. We'd have to simulate physics and chemistry on a general level. Even if we just focus on the parts that makes brains work, that's still an immense amount of computing power we'd need. Unless, of course, we have some kind of revolution in data processing. The mind IS software, the brain IS hardware. We've simulated other parts of the body mechanically and artificially, why would the brain be any different? A transistor has two options: Yes or No. 1 or 0. Left or Right. A neuron has around 15000. It's unreasonable to simulate the human brain in terms of bits and bytes. It takes 16 bits to parse that many connections. That's 1.6 trillion bits you need to simulate every neuron in your brain, or about .2 terabytes. Not too bad, but that's just to say how many ways a neuron can go. Now you need to think about what a neuron can do and has to check. Is it connected to another particular neuron? What chemical is it sending to the other neurons? What is it supposed to do when it recieves certain chemicals? When you experience something, how long does it wait to get rid of connections in neurons associated with that memory? This just kinda reaches exponential levels of checks that just keeps going.

  • Fukie

    Polska Gurom

  • Tariq Rayman
    Tariq Rayman

    take a byte

  • Dexter E
    Dexter E

    No, "ft.cyberpunk"? Lol, they really do be kicking things when it's down.

  • Levi

    The real question is: Would you be given the ability to delete yourself, and die if you want? Or would you have to depend upon living friends for the option of death?

  • Andrea Paraboschi
    Andrea Paraboschi

    Please guys make a video on psychedelic substances and the human brain

  • Luke P
    Luke P

    this video is probably the best thing we got from cyberpunk 2077

  • Jenise Campbell
    Jenise Campbell

    The moaning vulture wessely amuse because hobbies originally surround beneath a used desire. stupendous, far asia

  • simqbi

    my god that first few seconds were creepy

  • HBenpitsu

  • Ethan Lumanta
    Ethan Lumanta

    Power goes out "dies"

  • Anupam yadav
    Anupam yadav

    Please make a video on technological singularity

  • Grimtendo

    laughs in ultron

  • Igł00kat 420
    Igł00kat 420

    👁 👃🏻 👄 👁

  • Kaon

    what if we made an artificial brain, copy the consciousness to those artificial brain and let those brain doing all brain thing but connect it to network wait

  • storyofwill

    This episode is so black mirror 🖤

  • DarkLegend13

    "Upload your mind to a digital utopia and live forever" *Flashbacks to Agents Of Shield Framework*

  • Antoine Miller
    Antoine Miller

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    nh aw

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  • Chez Productions
    Chez Productions

    Doesn’t it feel weird that our doesn’t know what it’s made of

  • 2 Timothy 2:3
    2 Timothy 2:3

    Digital immortality? You cant.. at first you believe it is posible.. but when you realize that the Creator of all things will soon destroy all corrupted flesh and mind.. and HE will also destroy their soul.. seek th truth before its to late for you.. John 14:6 [6]Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

    • Iron Kanabo
      Iron Kanabo

      12:19 You'd probably be this guy, yeah?

  • Admin -
    Admin -


  • Jaraxu

    But even if you upload your brain… you current brain will still be there meaning it’s a copy of you not the current you. Meaning unless we can find a way to move “the soul” for a lack of better word I can’t be immortal 😭😭😭😭

  • Every youtuber is cool
    Every youtuber is cool

    The digital mind would be like an ai

  • K Lo
    K Lo

    Your channel is my school!

  • law peter
    law peter

    Hmmmm stuck in a video game that simulates reality for eternity ?....sounds like hell to me. "...and in those days shall men seek the death, and they shall not find it, and they shall desire to die, and the death shall flee from them...." Rev 9:6 Indeed we are in the ends times my friend...

  • R4

    The human brain cannot understand the human brain :v

  • Joon Cashmere
    Joon Cashmere

    How much could a proper functioning quantum computer speed up this process?

  • Goth Sloth
    Goth Sloth

    Cool premise for a sci fi story; an eternal uploaded concipusness ship has been questing through space and finds earth. Dishes out some knowledge etc.

  • Jokjok Diaz
    Jokjok Diaz

    Infinite burgers

  • Michael

    So question is, will we retain individuality or become hive minds?

  • Rizki Ramadhan
    Rizki Ramadhan

    I think what is defined by "mind" in this case is your soul

  • Зюзин Антон
    Зюзин Антон

    Such an incompetent video, with such pathos, talks about very outdated concepts for the digitalization of consciousness. Guys, the idea of digitalization has long been put forward without the need to kill the brain (spoiler: if you kill the brain, then you will die, your copy is not you) Do not talk nonsense with a smart look, plz.

  • KityCatRG gaming
    KityCatRG gaming

    Wow the animation is amazing! Seriously, wow

  • Alen Mandal
    Alen Mandal

    Brain is so complex that itself can't understand itself.

  • TheGoodGuy - Wild Rift Gaming
    TheGoodGuy - Wild Rift Gaming

    Got an Infinite Galaxy Game Ad before this video

  • PBDreamPuff

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  • Turbaysakh Purevjav
    Turbaysakh Purevjav

    if its isnt complicated it wouldnt be kuzgesagt video xd

  • Minh Nguyễn Quang
    Minh Nguyễn Quang

    Exquisite animation

  • Hellseeker

    With all the downsides it’s still worth all our efforts

  • VenomPureEvil

    *upload what?* Me- I..I don't know..

  • Connor Kenway
    Connor Kenway

    Everyone is gangsta until Ultron Comes

  • Ricky Smith
    Ricky Smith

    Assumption 4; that were not already in a simulation and one of the rules is “thou shalt not simulate yourselves

  • Simplified Crypto
    Simplified Crypto


  • Chill Good Vibe
    Chill Good Vibe

    This is going to be impossible. Yogic science has talked about different layers of brain for eons now and modern science will come to realise this in a few hundred years. You are not your body or mind, you are way more than that. Until science realises that, we cannot proceed in this direction. Just wonder though, we’re the original AI and we are just trying to rebuild our shitty selves and calling it AI, it will never be as good or even close.

  • Prachi Sharma
    Prachi Sharma

    This reminded me of *Westworld*

  • Muhsin Aydın
    Muhsin Aydın

    There is a God who is so powerful that minds can never sufficiently comprehend. La İlahe İllallah

    • Rizki Ramadhan
      Rizki Ramadhan

      @Muhsin Aydın ok lmao

    • Muhsin Aydın
      Muhsin Aydın

      @Rizki Ramadhan Sorry Google Translate 😀

    • Rizki Ramadhan
      Rizki Ramadhan


  • Maren Odden Official
    Maren Odden Official

    Do this one in Spanish too please!!

  • Mridhul ML
    Mridhul ML

    Hey everyone..I m a virtual being from the future and I m here to tell you guys that this video is true, we do figure out mind uploading.. Also world war 3 was fun..

  • Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg
    Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg

    Well yes… you can live forever but your mind will have to cope with the binary system - this is the limitation of any system run by electricity; in other words you’ll be processing trillions of zeros and ones… not exactly a „world” you’d like to live in. Hey you said you wanted your mind to be uploaded to x86 system right? Speaking of electricity… you’ll be „living” as long as there is electricty lol, or the admin shuts down your server you’re uploaded in. *Kurz gesagt: Scheiß drauf, Mann!*

  • Konstantin Solovianchik
    Konstantin Solovianchik

    I don't need uploading my mind to be sure, that death is not the end. I already KNOW: it's not the end.

  • Adolf Borje II
    Adolf Borje II

    Hello Kurzgesagt! Can you please re-upload the video, but this time without any cybercrap and CDPR the liar.

  • gxide 2
    gxide 2

    Dora the explorer:exploring mind control special episode

  • That Indie Reviewer
    That Indie Reviewer

    Suppose we could clone the neocortex into a basic structure, slice that brain into slices, can it with an electron microscope and combine it with a program that has a core brain simulation component. If we can determine the peak performance of a brain and its neurological/biochemical processes with hormones, synapses, etc, we could paste our cloned brains over that core function. Our memories and thought process combined with the peak performance of a baseline brian performance.

  • Henry Tippmann
    Henry Tippmann

    I just wanted to know if you could ever play Minecraft irl

  • Igor Kurilin
    Igor Kurilin

    Always was wondering what do I get from the fact that there will be a copy of me in a cloud or anywhere else. That copy will be a completely separate individual, identical to me but different. We won’t be connected in anyway. If that copy will be living in clouds for 1000 years but my flesh is going to perish in 10 - what is the point of all this exercise for me, the original one ?

  • Sir Kalilak
    Sir Kalilak

    Imagine the vulnerability of a digital mind, that your thoughts might be tempered with, are not your own, are fake. There is no way of telling that there is anything wrong, because your thoughts are like they are by design. Controlled critical thinking is a scary thought

    • Seamus McBride
      Seamus McBride

      You'd need to encrypt yourself.

  • Surekha Sheshadri
    Surekha Sheshadri

    if it is true does it not moreover prove the fact were living in a simulation?

  • MrMonsterHunter 808
    MrMonsterHunter 808

    What terrifies me is the chance that your upload won’t be the “original.” Meaning the old, fleshy you is stuck in an inevitably failing body while a copy of your mind lives on and grows.

    • Iron Kanabo
      Iron Kanabo

      I'm not too worried about that. Our bodies have always been failing, and people have coped with the fear by creating lasting legacies. Rather than think of our copy as "ourselves," perhaps it could simply be another form of legacy.

    • Edo Ginting
      Edo Ginting

      Like SOMA, scary thing

  • R Mac
    R Mac

    good video, but turned out cyberpunk was a big let down

  • TarriPup

    Why does Chimp eat Brain in the intro xD

  • Christian Michalik
    Christian Michalik

    GEZ beste alles ohne scheiß Werbung

  • Vincent Andrew
    Vincent Andrew

    Kurzgesagt: Mind uploading is extremely difficult with current technologies. Quantum computers and Dyson spheres: Hold my quantum Dyson beer.

  • nyah nyeh
    nyah nyeh

    ...blow out my stack please

  • ThiccDuck 95
    ThiccDuck 95

    Shouldnt it be obvious that the "you" part in the brain is the whole brain? If u would slice of a part of ur brain the "you" before will be different or completly destroyed.

    • ThiccDuck 95
      ThiccDuck 95

      Or even the whole body is the you because hormans and stuff that influence ur mood and emotions

  • Kun Zsolt
    Kun Zsolt

    Maybe one time it will be possible, but it never will be the same as the person Whatever an organic life form consume it will change it mod

  • dude

    Remember Dora the explorer? This is her now. Felt old yet?

  • Agustin Platz
    Agustin Platz

    Keanu Beerds!

  • Cool_NFSHX

    "they are some of the cool themes from cyberpunk 2077" me: oh it means we wont be in one piece anymore?

  • UnderDGun

    Min 1:12 Kuezgesagt its an another Illuminati tool

  • Dominick

    Watch Americans figure out a way to monetize this. I genuinely wouldn't put it past us.

  • Studio Terrible
    Studio Terrible

    Reality weirder than fiction - just hearing how many neurones, connections, ect...and that if just a couple or so of those fuck - well - I'm 100% fucked. I don't wonder how I work, I wonder how come I'm not broken...

  • Erobus Black
    Erobus Black

    Or is it something simple nobody thought about, and overlooked 🤔

  • Ingavar Hellsain
    Ingavar Hellsain

    Dont tell the Maxwellists about this video

  • معاوية الوريكات
    معاوية الوريكات

    Humans be like......🤑😈☠️😷🤕 While God🕋 order Earth to RAGE 🌎🌪️🌋🏜️🏔️🌧️⚡

  • foxpup

    unnmmmmmnmnn idk

  • Aarshia Bhagat
    Aarshia Bhagat

    ross gave us this information years ago so bye.

  • Fid4

    I've just gotten an idea outta no where Since analysing a brain takes so long, why don't we analyse a brain that is small for example a baby's brain. When a baby is born we take it and like analyse it since it's pretty small. Also by the time the analysation is finished the baby would be like 7-12 years old so when they go to the internet or the mind space thingy, we have a tutorial on life for them like a game but since they don't know language we would probably just like show them a simulation of life after they were born and have them start knowing how to crawl and walk and finally learn language and then tell em what happened and yeah. Hopefully someone actually gets what I'm saying even tho there will probably be a lot of errors if this happens.

  • IC

    Wake the fuck up, sam... stop, what are you, a smartphone?!!

  • Minh Nguyen Duc
    Minh Nguyen Duc

    In Soma, copy your mind to a computer doesn't help you to live forever, it's like duplicate yourself

  • Juvairiah Ahmed
    Juvairiah Ahmed

    it can not be real

  • ALGFAK417

    I don't like the world in cyberpunk 2077 looks cool but it's terrible to live in there's probably lots of crime like just in game but great game too

  • 木村


  • Kitti Ball
    Kitti Ball

    101 pwecent qgreed


    En réalité, dans un contexte de "téléchargement" de l'esprit sur un support technologique-informatique, cela n'en résulterait pas moins d'une simple copie de son propre esprit, et non pas d'une possible continuité de celui-ci. Nous serions en définitive et en tout cas, réellement et irrémédiablement mort. La seule et unique réelle solution proposable à l'obtention d'une éventuel "immortalité" qu'elle soit du corps ou de l'esprit, serait de plancher sur une refonte (modification) complète et en profondeur, de notre être. Une remise en question de notre être génétique, voir plus loin, de notre biologie entière. Transité d'une biochimie carboné, à une autre structure ?

  • Monochrome

    Wait you guys are still stuck in update 2.21..?

  • Chris Noble
    Chris Noble

    Like WestWorld

  • Fernando Costa de Campos
    Fernando Costa de Campos

    Please see the ORCH OR Theory by Nobel 2020 winner Sir Roger Penrose. It destroys the first premise. The mind, or the "I" is probably not inside the brain. Scanning and slicing brains trying to find consciousness is like the curios kid that breaks a radio apart to find the little people singing inside it.

  • PositiveNegative297

    Everyone: We have something called 'The Metric System!' Americans: 5:25

  • Haylie R. Wilson
    Haylie R. Wilson

    Love these animations. Done so well

  • Julio Herculano Santiago Barros
    Julio Herculano Santiago Barros

    Well, correct me if i am wrong, but as i remember, DNA and RNA are unics and they evolve with you, and can save thinks life flavors, etc, so why don't we discover a form to get dna from the brain save them, or read them and transfeer to a script, the in the future we could decodr and them try uploading our 'mind' we just arent uploading our mind, but ourselfs

  • kahu weber
    kahu weber

    maybe you should have checked this failure of a game beforehand. downvoted.

  • Sw0osH


  • Spideysenses67

    The very possibility that you can create a digital copy of your mind while still being alive completely defeats the purpose. If you do not experience life from the perspective of the digital copy then it is a stranger to you and the only mind you've got is the one you currently have. When your biological brain stops functioning your mind, consciousness and first-person perspective will vanish along with it. Once this has happened, what reason is there to think that you will acquire a new first-person perspective as a digital copy if you did not have the perspective of the copy while you were alive?

  • Root Sharp
    Root Sharp

    hahaha cd project red is so desperate about cyberbug 2077 they call Kurzgesagt for help. Even this awesome channel can't save your bug full game cd. edit: hahaha even kurzgesagt didn't play the game. The only sad things is awesome Keanu Reeves is a part of this crap :(

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