What Do Alien Civilizations Look Like? The Kardashev Scale
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The observable universe is a big place that has been around for more than 13 billion years. Up to two trillion galaxies made up of something like 20,000 billion billion stars surround our home galaxy. In the milky way alone scientists assume there are some 40 billion earth like planets in the habitable zone of their stars. When we look at these numbers it is hard to imagine that there is nobody else out there.

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      yeah so the type 4 civilization thing breaks me

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      I wish u get 1T sus and likes

    • Henrik Kowalski
      Henrik Kowalski

      Your argument about the nonexistence of a type 3 or above civilization is flawed why should we be able to detect their technology if we cannot imagine what it might look like (yo said it yourself). While you also offered a similar perspective at the end It still was bound to the assumption that a civilisation would develop inwards. If they would be able to utilise dark energy we would not be able to detect it since we can't even detect dark energy or really understand what it is for us its an extra term (not necessarily a constant actually the evidence points not toward a cosmological constant but rather a function) in the Einstein equations we don't know where it comes from we only know it influences the large scale structure of spacetime.

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    When? did I ask

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    David Jarrah

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  • rv706

    You know, maybe there *is* a type-III civilization in the Milky Way, and we *are* actually observing its effects right now. It's just that we have got large scale physics wrong and we only *believe* what we see in the galaxy is the unadultered physical behavior of stars and gravity.

  • Pro Bro Gaming
    Pro Bro Gaming

    4:36 the “alien” language that’s being transmitted is saying “hello is it me your looking for” it’s the Star Wars language ashbesh or whatever is called

  • ChiliSheepや

    a bit unrelated, but i think kurzgesagt would like incredibox! just a fun music mixer and the art is pretty cool (almost your style)

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    Yrj art

    Chances of aliens being anime girls are low but never zero

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    they'll find us for CPH4

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    Trench Rat

    Civilization City Type 1 Crook Vs Type Ω Mafia boss

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    kaeley sarola

    Love the twin peaks reference

  • Nirojan Ganan
    Nirojan Ganan

    *what if our universe is just a stimulation created by a type omega child for a minor school project*

  • Nooneinparticular987

    Thought experiments like this make me laugh about how disconnected astronomers, physicists, and cosmologists are from biologists. From a very biologically practical point of view, there are seemingly insurmountable challenges to endeavors like interstellar space travel. Space adventurists always treat the biological part as a problem that more science will obviously be able to fix in time, when in fact shooting a rocket into space is easy compared to, for example, deep-freezing a human body for 5000 years and reawakening it at another star system. Deconstructing a body and "beaming" it like in Star Trek is even more a non-starter: the information required to make such a reconstruction possible would bog down dozens of supercomputers running in parallel. Another option is teleportation by bringing two areas of spacetime together to allow passage across vast distances, but some things simply aren't possible, and I suspect this and lightspeed travel are two examples. Colonization can probably occur within local regions of space, where maybe multiple planets exist within the habitable zone of a single sun of where multiple habitable solar systems exist within a few light-years (at most) of each other, permitting generational ships to have a realistic chance of successful voyage. Generational ships present a lot of problems in themselves: even allowing for deep-freezing technology, which would be extremely difficult to refine, you'd have to have a skeleton crew alive on board. For a species that is active enough to have developed high technology, there are two possibilities: they're endothermic/hot-blooded, like humans, permitting biological activities to happen at a rapid pace at the cost of enormous food requirements, or they're ectothermic/cold-blooded but come from a relatively warm world. The second type of creature would be more likely to survive deep freeze and wouldn't require as much food, but the skeleton crew would require external heating. In either case, the generational ship would require an enormous reserve of energy, either in the form of food or potential food energy or in chemical or nuclear energy to heat the ship to allow biological functions to continue. When you look out over a time horizon of 100+ years in such a ship, including resources to resuscitate and sustain the payload passengers on a foreign world for long enough to create their own food at the destination, the total size of such a life package becomes prohibitive as anything but a "last-chance-for-survival" Hail Mary mission. Realistically, galaxy-wide civilizations won't exist in any meaningful way. Even if a species had developed a reliable way to propagate itself across numerous star systems, can it be said to be a "civilization" if the constituent societies, can barely coordinate with each other due to the enormous time gaps in data transmissions?

  • Devilfruit

    What I learnt from this: *I am bacteria.*

  • Jon

    Cool sci-fi channel, bro. I remember when I smoked my first joint.

  • Sean Trudeau
    Sean Trudeau

    Baseline: Curious, competitive, greedy and expansionist?? Surely tied to an idiot/tech wonk/bullied nerd. Truly simplistic thought patterns when examining the context of universal alien life forms. Humans beings are cancer to the planet Earth; precisely due to ignorant views like this. 🙄

  • Drowzee

    We’re not even all the way type 1 no wonder aliens don’t come here, we’re literally a backwater planet 😭

  • goldenapple saga
    goldenapple saga

    1:54 "the more of these qualities our ancestors had, the better they were at the building civilization game." But then everything changed when nuclear ghandi attacked.

  • Austin Horne
    Austin Horne

    It's funny that you speak about our inability to comprehend type 3 and beyond civilizations yet conclude with there likely isnt any because we cant see and traces of them.

  • Primordial

    "We are Forerunners, guardians of all that exists. The roots of the galaxy have grown deep under our careful tending. Where there is life, the wisdom of our countless generations has saturated the soil. Our strength is a luminous sun towards which all intelligence blossoms, and the impervious shelter beneath which it has prospered."

  • Ivan Petrov
    Ivan Petrov

    By this logic we shouldn’t be worried about the universe ending because by the time that begins to happen we would have several back ups

  • ObiWanGinobiliTopFan

    "Maybe they were just bored" These words resonate and make the most sense out of everything said in this video.

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    Tyrece Santana

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  • StrikeWing

    I feel like this list is insane. What are the odds a Type 4 civilization even exists. Controlling a whole galaxy is more advanced than even our imaginary science fiction usually gets. Never mind MULTIPLE galaxies.

  • Azurl

    Rick Sanchez is type Omega, he has a universe in his car battery

  • Pototo101

    9:06 Star Wars reference

  • Radrook2

    If it depends on abiogenesis, there is no life out there.

  • Henry Platt
    Henry Platt

    yall ever get bored and just create a universe

  • Amy Butterworth
    Amy Butterworth

    type infinity

  • Luka Marko
    Luka Marko

    What if there are inhabited planets, but because light takes some time (milions of years) to reach us from some places, civilizations already exist there, but we can’t see them yet.

  • Учитель и Ученик
    Учитель и Ученик

    You haven't seen any aliens yet, but I have))

  • Ocean Breeze
    Ocean Breeze

    It's easier to define the level of a civilization of the damages it's able to inflict on its environment

  • Max Barentz
    Max Barentz

    how have we not "seen anyone else" when there have been thousands of UFO sightings within the past 200-300 years

  • I'm In A Vegetative State Studios
    I'm In A Vegetative State Studios

    You know, thats kind of mind blowing, that the most advanced of aliens could have created our universe. I mean, if they are that advanced, creating a big bang shouldnt be that hard for them would it? That would mean that our gods would be advanced aliens.

  • High Priest of Gavin Almighty He Who Doth Exist
    High Priest of Gavin Almighty He Who Doth Exist

    Meet the Type Omega civilization with DMT.

  • Player YT
    Player YT

    The beams on the right contain Star Wars galaxy alphabet.


    Science isn' just may and might be. any one can put a scenario for the truth.. But real scientists discover it.

  • Anvarynn

    Also, didn't the CIA just declassify a bunch of UFO docos?

  • Anvarynn

    I like the Kardashev scale, but the Halo forerunner scale I like even more

  • JuicetinOnion

    What if aliens made ships that are literally invisible so we'd never find them

  • antonio96dt

    No estoy de acuerdo con la afirmación de la naturaleza del ser humano. Creo que ha prevalecido la cooperación a la competitividad

  • joshua suchy
    joshua suchy

    The add before this video told me there was a tribe of natives that had never seen advanced society of any kind until WW1 or WW2 times. They thought of the westerners as God's and when the westerners left the island, the natives built wooden planes and runways to pay tribute that the gods would some day return. This is the exact thing makes me think about the pyramids, whether in Egypt or South America.

  • Steven Resendiz
    Steven Resendiz

    Omega its like zeno zama from DBS

  • secret unknown
    secret unknown

    We are harnessing energy from our sun by solar panels so are not we type 2 civilisations

  • RɅD • Qamar
    RɅD • Qamar

    2050, July 4 - Aliens arrive on Earth looking for Warriors, equals, intellectuals 2050, July 4 - Aliens leave coz we do not fit those requirements

  • LordPatate

    [9:03] "Their influence would in all likelyhood be so all-encompassing and their technology so far above our own *that we couldn't miss them.* The galaxy should flash with their activity..." The conclusion you make does not seem right. How could we tell the difference between "natural stuff" and "level 3+ civilization artifacts"? Given that it becomes nearly impossible to imagine what a level 3 civilization would even look like, there could definitely be several high-level civilizations toying with our galaxy right now and the black hole at its center is actually their doing for all we know. For example, dark energy could be the scar of a struggle for control over our universe by multiple level 5+ civilizations...

  • LakeValley Minecraft city
    LakeValley Minecraft city

    Humans: killing ants with magnifying glass Type omega civilisation: killing many species of a galaxy with an army of Death Stars

  • 믿다

    What do alien civilizations look like? Take a look in the mirror, go out side.. Its crazy how we literally live on a planet in the middle of space and don't think we're aliens.. lmao

  • Pola & Tiger
    Pola & Tiger

    By the definition of the video 3:29 we are type 2 civilization. We use our planet's resource energy, we use Sun's energy with photovoltaic cells, and we use the gravitational pull of our neighbor planets for flybys etc.

  • Oliver Cant
    Oliver Cant

    Well, this went from 0 to Pure Cosmic Horror very quickly.

  • ael Tobing
    ael Tobing

    So basicly we can be got in 9999999999999999999999999999999999 milion years or more form now

  • Gary the Wise
    Gary the Wise

    they dont look like anything cause they dont exist. praise christ

    • Morgan Sutherland
      Morgan Sutherland

      Im all for believing in a creator but why make so much out there that's not needed if that's true....god works in logical ways....land sea and air how gravity works how the human body functions and looks it all follows a logical design...does Jesus not say "turn thy stone you shall find me split thy log you shall find me"?? Sounds like gods everywhere not just earth....and why does God need so many names if we are the only beings that know of it?? Also would love to know why the book of Enoch was taken out of the Bible to...he literally goes to space and sees the other planets and is given knowledge of how many days are in a year and our neighbour constellations and there names...even is taken to see the god of all in person.

  • Roland Loshi
    Roland Loshi

    The materialistic archer advisably serve because twilight extragingivally fix beside a empty cupcake. mute, possible ex-husband

  • HannHan

    Imagine a social media, but people are from another galaxies....

  • Sebastian Hilton
    Sebastian Hilton

    So Type Omega civilization would be would what we call GOD or one of the many Gods that created and shape our universe. Maybe religions believed in something similar if we think of ascension in some cultures

  • Zapato Cryz
    Zapato Cryz

    You're assuming they're organic like us.. Or even carbon based..

  • Kaldrin

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    Dean Eschenburg

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  • E E
    E E

    Honestly I think we are a type two type of person I mean we do use the sun

  • Satisfying Whirlpools
    Satisfying Whirlpools

    Perhaps aliens don’t consider success by the same metrics we do. Maybe materialism and physical scale aren’t the goal.

  • Mark The Spark
    Mark The Spark

    The world was created by a supreme being and did not birth itself by chance. Our consciousness moves to an afterlife after death Atheists: I don’t believe in that made up nonsense 8:28 Atheists: So true

  • Kyle Nathan Olermo
    Kyle Nathan Olermo

    i love their cute animations

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    Anthony Giustino

    I'm not the Droid you're looking for

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    Loran Aram

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    Josh Clearwater

    Shit is wild

  • Maximilian Balistreri
    Maximilian Balistreri

    in another video, you said that what we see as the observable universe happened billions of years ago, so what if billions of years in the future, people will see what was meant to happen today, so this very second, aliens could be flying around pretty far away in space but we won’t see this untill we reach atleast type 1.3 (i’d say)

  • Shadz

    Proof of God

  • Sharif Khan
    Sharif Khan

    So when we harness solar power we c become type 2?


    hmm when science does not acknowledge religion hmmmm

  • Big Bang'o
    Big Bang'o

    We will stay on our planet and we will die here!

  • Darshan Patil
    Darshan Patil

    Beautiful animation

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    Carson Owens

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    • Carson Owens
      Carson Owens

      Never mind

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    Pclæsh ϟ

    No one of that civilizations compares to God.

    • Doex Doex
      Doex Doex

      By looking at your pfp I assume we've seen the same meme, which had this video in it. Pretty based and redpilled if you ask me.

    • Doex Doex
      Doex Doex

      @Aarav Pradhan You just contradicted yourself..

    • Pclæsh ϟ
      Pclæsh ϟ

      @Aarav Pradhan so explain how a explosion could surge in the middle of nothing and create someting infinite

    • Aarav Pradhan
      Aarav Pradhan

      and god does not exist

    • Aarav Pradhan
      Aarav Pradhan

      they are gods to us

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    Yong Ming

    What if human just isolated by the gods?

  • معاوية الوريكات
    معاوية الوريكات

    The Great Designer 🕋🤲🤲🤲

  • its just keith (dc2)
    its just keith (dc2)

    We are the aliens to the aliens

  • Christopher Gibbons
    Christopher Gibbons

    Something has been bothering me about this, and I think I figured it out. There is no reason for a species to actually achieve any of these types. We are just a type 0.75 species, and yet we are a handful of decades away from colonizing other planets. Why would a species need or want to go the full route of building a dyson sphere. If they are really that greedy and expansionist, they would skip all that and book it out of the solar system at the earliest opportunity. Infact I find it unlikely that any species will ever hit all of the milestones for any of the types.

  • Michael Douglas
    Michael Douglas

    *Stellaris theme intensifies*

  • The iSheep
    The iSheep

    Well I’ll just go and watch doctor who

  • Coco Loco
    Coco Loco

    So basically we’ll eventually make a halo ring around the sun?

  • Gordon g
    Gordon g

    Yeah it turns out black holes & neutron stars are the remaining of type 3 civilisation star wars

  • Jp's life
    Jp's life

    What if we are a type 4 to aliens

  • emma bryant
    emma bryant

    The harsh yard enzymatically burn because polish alternatively transport outside a faint fair rutabaga. motionless, possessive correspondent

  • Kolton Baxter
    Kolton Baxter

    So what would the humanity of the game Subnautica be ranked at? They colonized the Milky Way and Andromeda so I'm making a vague guess of 3.6 to 4.1. I don't know if the guess I made was close or not so if you have any better guesses pls reply!

  • Crappy Channel
    Crappy Channel

    Humans make reserves for lower life forms, so Aliens might do the same with us.

  • Tiến Kiều
    Tiến Kiều

    Ever wondered what will happen if mankind reaches type 3 civilization? Try 40k

  • Donald Trumps Cat
    Donald Trumps Cat

    This is the hardest how-to-video

  • TOZhemiel TheFirst
    TOZhemiel TheFirst

    Saying aliens don't exist is like taking a teaspoon of water in the ocean saying fish don't exist

  • Sonali Banerjee
    Sonali Banerjee

    Type 1- See us as 1850's mechanics Type 2- Sees us as Sumerian potters Type 3- Sees us as animals

  • F Zone
    F Zone

    The woebegone algebra meteorologically bow because kevin behaviourally face forenenst a zealous kilogram. mighty, majestic alarm

  • Minh Châu Lê
    Minh Châu Lê

    If the omega civiliation create this universe , so maybe a hyper omega civilation ( which means another super super-advance civilation create the omega civilation universe to create our universe ) ?

  • +

    I think life achieved type 1 several hundred million years when it colonized land. From this perspective, the harnessing of electricity and subsequent rise of computation mark the transition to type 2: A synthetic form of life that dwells in the gravitational fields of stars and feeds off their energy, using this energy to generate simulations for humans to live in.

  • Mrn Lemon
    Mrn Lemon

    At 4:36 the symbols that are coming from the alien panel things are Aurebesh letters

  • El Franko
    El Franko

    Cringe nihilistic and atheist cope.

    • Random Minecraft Floating Sand 2
      Random Minecraft Floating Sand 2


  • قناة الموسوعات
    قناة الموسوعات

    Can you make some videos about what is the flat earth,convex earth, hollowed earth, concaved earth and donut shaped earth and how to prove that the earth is spherical


    What about type 5 able to use energy of the entire universe and type 6 energy of multiverses then type 7 would be all mighty God then type 8 would be Nirvana

  • Francis Estillore
    Francis Estillore

    What if each galaxy has one intelligent life to enjoy the vast single galaxy to offer like ours. Andromeda might have one in a Stone age or already upgraded civilization

  • Morgan Sutherland
    Morgan Sutherland

    Wonder what type of civilization these craft belong to that are being sighted and being made public finally after 70yrs....I'm guessing type 1-2??....a theoretical Zero Point Energy harnessing could deliver unlimited energy aswell...when it comes to power needs. And as for distance if you could manipulate the fabric of space you could distort it even fold it like folding a piece of paper from point to point...you don't need to travel in a straight line.

  • Vader

    If a type 5 didnt wanto be seen you think they wouldnt be able to do that... as if we can see "all" thats out there with where we are on the scale

see you soon