What if We Nuke the Moon?
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What would happen if we were to detonate a very very powerful nuclear weapon on the moon? Would the explosion knock its orbit towards earth, causing tidal waves and misery? Could the moon be destroyed, showering the earth in a rain of meteoric death?

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    Extremely Salty Player

    The Soviet thermonuclear bomb "Tsar Bomba" had a yield of around 50 Mt. It is the strongest weapon ever detonated in history. But if they had used a uranium-238 fusion tamper, it would have a yield of 100 Mt like in the video

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    Vineet Gupta

    Indian space center discovered that the moon had water The more you know

    • Aayush Gupta , 9 Tulip
      Aayush Gupta , 9 Tulip

      They said that. Moon has water because of the same reason earth has. And it was known for quite a time.

  • Flower fell frisk
    Flower fell frisk

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    Phạm Duy Phương

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